[c-nsp] Really need help with atm vc-per-vp on NM-4T1 3640

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow at twt.it
Fri Feb 3 05:51:28 EST 2006

Basically this command robs bits from the vp side to use in the vc side.
It limits teh vps you can then use ie 512 only allows you to have vp values 0-15 64-79 
There was a bug related to this command that was resolved somewhere in 12.2, but I don't remrember when.


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I'm having a really hard time getting this command to work.  As I
understand, I should be able to adjust the number of maximum active VCs that
module will allow.  Currently, it is allowing 255 maximum VCs.  I'm using
IOS 12.2(32) GD.

I'll shut all 4 of the interfaces and apply the command.  It looks like the
command is applied, but the value for maximum active VCs does not change.
If I do a show interface, I see that the command is in the interface,
vc-per-vp 512.

There's not much documentation of this command.  Anyone have any experience
with this?

Ruben Alvarez

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