[c-nsp] T1 down in all MLPPP Bundles

Eric Kagan ekagan at axsne.com
Fri Feb 3 19:27:33 EST 2006

> On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 07:41:23AM -0500, Eric Kagan wrote:
> > T1 0/1 is down.
> >   Applique type is Channelized T1
> >   Cablelength is long gain36 0db
> >   Transmitter is sending remote alarm.
> >   Receiver is getting AIS.
> The CSU/DSU/Smartjack (whatever it's called on T1s) is 
> telling you "there is something broken on the network side of me".
> AIS is an alarm signal that tells you "the local connection 
> is fine, but somewhere further out, it isn't".
> Carriers should be able to see this themselves, but usually 
> it takes some pushing for them to realize "oh, you're saying 
> it's *my* device that signals an alarm to you?  then we need 
> to check again!"...

It was layer 1 everyone, thanks.  I was reading way too deep in to it and
relying on partial info.  All but 1 have been resolved.


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