[c-nsp] Cisco 2611XM as console router

Jee Kay jeekay at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 07:20:12 EST 2006

I've got a pair of 2611XMs (12.3(6f)) that we're using as console routers.

To authenticate to the routers, we are using SecurID tokens which only
change once a minute... soo, quite often what happens is you have to
log onto the router, 'connect <device>' which prompts you to
authenticate again, wait a minute to authenticate, get console of
<device>, wait a minute, authenticate again.

What I was wondering is if there is a way to prevent the Cisco
requiring new authentication when you connect to the async lines? I
realise if you connect to a port directly from external you obviously
should still authenticate (telnet mgt-router 20xx), but if you are
connecting to the port _from the router itself_, is there a way to
skip that second auth request?

Thanks in advance,

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