[c-nsp] 7206VXR (NPE300) & 12.3(17a)

De Houwer, Wim Wim.DeHouwer at scarlet.biz
Tue Feb 7 10:05:10 EST 2006


I've got the same problem on a AS5800 access server (which has 2
components, a 7200 for routing/intelligence and a 5800 chassis for as a
really big modem/E1 bank).

As the NPE-300 goes EOL soon, it seems to be inserted into the code, but
in my case it also works fine...

One of the cisco TAC guys suggested that i would talk about this issue
with our account manager @ cisco and look into the upgrade path towards
the NPE-G1,
which is in my opinion serious overkill as the load of the NPE-300 never
goes above 30% CPU.

I don't know how long support for the NPE-300 will be included into the
ios code, but maybe Rodney or one of the other guys can shed some light
onto this subject ...




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I've upgraded a 7206VXR (NPE300) to 12.3(17a) and "sh ver" displays:

"This Version of Cisco IOS Software is not supported on NPE300"

Is this something to worry? What exactly is not supported?
On the other side, everything seems to be working fine on this router
with this IOS...

         Tassos Chatzithomaoglou

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