[c-nsp] inbound ACl

Tim Stevenson tstevens at cisco.com
Tue Feb 7 10:27:15 EST 2006

The only thing I can think of like this is for multicast, using the 
mls ip multicast stub command, which programs the tcam to allow local 
sources on the subnet to source multicast traffic while dropping all 
other multicast to prevent high CPU due to non-RPF traffic. There are 
other ways to deal w/this in more recent hardware though (this is an 
issue in sup1 systems, and to a lesser degree on sup2 systems).

If you are thinking of something else, not sure what it could be...


At 06:59 AM 2/7/2006, Alban Dani submitted:
>Hi there,
>I have heard anecdotaly that in the Cisco 6500 running native IOS you can
>run a command that will imitate
>an "allow" statement on an ACL applied inbound on an interface for the ip
>address assigned to that interface.
>ie if you have Vlan 21 and the  ip address then by
>running this command you would implicitly
>create something that would substitute "access-list 199 permit ip
> any".
>I hope I am making sense.
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