[c-nsp] 2950 switch connecting to a 3640 router problem

Jerry Kersey jrk at ebsco.com
Tue Feb 7 10:21:24 EST 2006

has anyone ever had a problem connecting a 2950 100mb switch to a 3640 NM-1
FE-FX card?

I am trying to use the 100mb mt-rj uplink port on the switch and the
nm-1-fe-fx module in the router. I never get the LINK light on the router.
I have tried different patch cables and the one i am trying to use will work
when it is plugged into a hub. So I think it is good.   The router port will
work when connected to a hub. The switch port does light up green. 

Anyone have any ideas?


Jerry Kersey
Network Control

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