[c-nsp] subrate DS3 - can the remaining T1s be reused?

Mark Rogaski wendigo at pobox.com
Thu Feb 9 02:48:29 EST 2006

An entity claiming to be Justin M. Streiner (streiner at cluebyfour.org) wrote:
: There may be a mux out there that can split out just the T1s you need and 
: pass the remaining channels on as a DS3, rather than needing to break 
: every channel out as a T1 only to re-mux it back into a subrate DS3 for 
: delivery into your routers.

An example would be RAD's Optimux-45, it claims to be able to do DS1
add-drop on a T3.  

: At this level, the PA-(2)T3+ doesn't see the circuit as individual T1 
: transports, just as a subrate DS3 transport.  To make your life easier, 
: you should use the last channels on the DS3 as your T1 breakouts.

The data sheet for the PA-2T3+ says it does subrate per the Digital Link,
Larscom, and ADC Kentrox formats.  It also says that it does C-Bit and M13
framing.  That doesn't necessarily mean that it does fractional M13.  Since
the proprietary formats are not channelized into 28 DS1's [1] there's a bit of
a problem here.  

Perhaps there's a mux that'll handle these formats, but I don't ncessarily 
expect it to have T1 interfaces.  I think that the bottom line is, if you 
want to do channelized DS3 you're going to have to buy a channelized card.



[1] IIRC, the formats were specifically designed to handle data-only
traffic better than the voice-centric DS3 framing.

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