[c-nsp] Help! I seem to have a problem.....

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Fri Feb 10 01:35:01 EST 2006


> I'm using radius to assign an IP of x.x.156.254 to a PPPoA modem
> router. 

Why do you want/need to assign the user an address covered by your local
> I'm using
> Cisco-avpair lcp:interface-config=ip unnumbered ethernet 1/0
> Cisco-avpair ip:route= x.x.156.1
> Framed-Address x.x.156.254

Why do you install a per-user default-route which is different from your
static def. route in the config ("ip route x.x.84.1")?

> Everything works fine for about 2-3 three hours then no traffic can
> pass yet the connection is still active.

Theory: ARP timeout on the other hosts on the eth1/0 network? When PPP
comes up, the router sends a  gratious ARP to the connected networks
calling them to install an ARP entry (default PPP behavior from the old
days). When this entry times out, they redo an ARP, but your router is
configured to not do proxy-arps, so all the nodes won't be able to
resolve x.x.156.254.

> I have do a reconnect with the PPPoA modem and everything starts
> fowing again.

see above, grat. arp.
> Everything works fine if I use the default virtual-template interface
> which is set to ip unnumber looback1 (12.x.101.1) and assign the
> connection a ip of x.x.101.254.

Ack, and I wonder why you don't do this in the first place..


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