[c-nsp] Strange behaviour with 6509

Ahmad Cheikh Moussa acm at netuse.de
Fri Feb 10 05:20:00 EST 2006


I have a 6509 with Sup 2 and a lot of WS-X6416-GBIC modules.
So I have a strange behaviour. If I make a ftp test
connection through  the catalyst, I only got a throughput
of approximately 1.4Mbyte/s. Now, if the catalyst has a
bottleneck, and I only have 1.4Mbyte/s then this bandwith
should be shared for all other connections. So I made
a test with 10 paralel connections from one machine.
Normally, the 10 connections should share this bandwith,
but I got for every connection 1.4Mbyte/s. That means,
I have approximatley 14 Mbyte/s.

So why I don't get 14 Mbyte/s, when I only use one
connection ? I don't understand this behaviour.

Can someone give me a hint ?
Could this be a cef bug ?

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: On the 6509 I can not disable the cef switching.
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