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Bruce Pinsky bep at whack.org
Fri Feb 10 13:52:33 EST 2006

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Mark Lasarko wrote:
> Calling on the SP-ish' mindset;
> I found the following interesting and confusing at the same time so I thought I would post it. 
> Per the docs for 12.2(25)SEE (on the Cat3550, of course): 
> "Supports the ip directed-broadcast interface configuration command. This command can be configured on a VPN routing/forwarding (VRF) interface so that directed broadcast traffic is routed only within the VRF." 
> I was curious, in a positive way, until I read later in the notes:
> "When multi-VRF-CE is enabled on the switch, the switch does not support the ip directed-broadcast interface configuration command used to enable forwarding of IP-directed broadcasts on an interface. There is no workaround. (CSCee05670)"
> At that point my curiosity turned to confusion.
> So what's the point of implementing the command if it's only going to work in a single VRF?
> What am I missing here? 
> If someone can fix this memory leak in my brain I sure would appreciate it.
> Some real-world use, a practical perspective perhaps?
> Even something obvious from one of the MPLS guru's
> (I'll be glad to break out the dunce cap)
> Any knowledge transfer would be appreciated!

My reading of that bug would lead me to believe that it should not be
included in the 12.2(25)SEE Release Notes since the new feature removes the
limitation that existed in 12.1E.  From the bug release note:

"ip directed-broadcast" is not supported in a VRF environment by the Cisco
Catalyst 3550 in the 12.1EA release."

> I though there were quite a few other "interesting" things in the release
notes, more than usual IMO; for example:
> Without a vlan.dat file, the VTP and VLAN configuration from the start-up
configuration is not used. (no workaround)
> OSPF and IGRP metrics don't work (need to hard-code BW)
> Insane DSCP rewrites
> More @
> http://tinyurl.com/df6w5

The vlan.dat bug you cite is CSCef80151 which shows as having a fix in
12.2(25)SEC.  That would imply that it was also fixed in 12.2(25)SEE.  I
confirmed that was the case by checking that the changes applied to SEC are
also present in SEE.

The OSPF and IGRP metrics bug also seems to have been partially rectified.
 In earlier versions, there was no sure way to determine the appropriate
bandwidth and delay since there could be ports of different speeds included
under the SVI.  In 12.2(25)SEE, an SVI now has its bandwidth and delay set
to the default values associated with Gigibit Ethernet (band=1000000,
delay=1).  User may, of course, override with the appropriate commands.

There are a couple of DSCP issues, so I'm not sure which one you are
referring to regarding "Insane DSCP rewrites".

In general, it seems like the Release Notes didn't get a good "once over"
before being published so that there are some inaccuracies that have resulted.

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