[c-nsp] IGX over MPLS

Manaf Oqlah moqlah at batelco.jo
Fri Feb 10 17:08:16 EST 2006

Thanks Dave,
I think this is what I want. But could you please send me a sample
configuration for the IGX Virtual Trunk and router ATM interface.


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	You need to look at AToM on the routers (specifically you need ATM
VP trunking, NOT VC).  Only certain revisions of IOS support VP trunking -
mostly in the 12.0S train (don't think they've ported it to 12.3T
are ever going to)...

On the IGX you'll need to set up virtual trunks, which creates a trunk
that works like everything else but it does it over a single VP.  The
routers then take this VP and trunk it over the MPLS network.

It's relatively complicated the first time you set it up but once it's up
and running it's pretty simple and relatively easy to troubleshoot.

If you want some more detail get in touch with me off-list.   I set this
up about a year and a half ago.


On Fri, 10 Feb 2006, Manaf Oqlah wrote:

> We are migration our Cisco IGXs trunks to MPLS network. What is the
> configuration of IGX ATM UXM trunks which will be connected to routers in
> MPLS network instead of connecting them together? And what should be the
> configuration of routers in the edge of MPLS network.
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