[c-nsp] 7301 with PA-A3-OC3 Issues

Clayton Zekelman clayton at mnsi.net
Sun Feb 12 10:27:04 EST 2006


I have a Cisco 7301 running 12.3(11)T2 with a PA-A3-OC3.

In the past year or so, I've had a handfull of occasions where the PA just simply stops passing traffic.  Issuing a "clear int ATM1/0" clears it in every case.

I've swapped PA's just incase there was a hardware issue with the PA.  This hasn't resolved the issue.  Things were quiet for a while, and now the issue has come back up twice in the past 30 days.

After I issue the clear int, I get the following diagnostics in the log:

Feb 12 15:18:29.732: %ALIGN-3-SPURIOUS: Spurious memory access made at 0x6049C584 reading 0x4
Feb 12 15:18:29.732: %ALIGN-3-TRACE: -Traceback= 6049C584 604B73F8 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000             

I have a similarly configured 7301 running 12.3(11)T that has not exhibited this same issue, and has had 62 weeks of continuous uptime.

The only difference is the unit that is crashing, along with being used as an LNS, PPPoE aggregator and for some RBE customers, also has 2 bridge groups configured on it.  Both units are running similar numbers of customers, although the unit that crashes seems to have alot of CPU utilization on the "L2X Data Daemon" - sometimes up to 3% - which is quite a bit higher than the other.

Any ideas/suggestions/additonal questions? 

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