[c-nsp] Sub-second Fast Reconvergence for OSPF?

Dale W. Carder dwcarder at doit.wisc.edu
Mon Feb 13 17:56:46 EST 2006

On Feb 13, 2006, at 4:27 PM, Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists wrote:
> Also, if HSRP and GLBP could be 'BFD-enabled' ('BFD clients'?),
> that would be extremely useful. Static routes would also be neat.

I second the motion for BFD enabled HSRP.

I also wonder if there could also be a feature to augment tracking
to be based on BFD neighbor as well: 'standby track bfd neighbor  


Dale W. Carder - Network Engineer
University of Wisconsin at Madison

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