[c-nsp] Issue with NetBIOS over TCP on 7606 GE-WAN

Rohit Shetti rohitshetti at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 23:44:36 EST 2006

Dear Friends,
	Has anyone encountered a problem with Netbios over TCP on 7606
hardware using an OSM GE-WAN card.

I am facing a unique problem where windows file transfer over MPLS VPN is
being affected severely. Ordinary FTP and other applications work perfectly

One observation is I have an acl on the GE-WAN to protect against DDOS. This
includes an acl denying tcp ports 135,137, 138, 139, 445. However this
should ordinarily apply to unlabelled packets. But upon removing this acl,
Windows file transfer under the vrf works fine.

The GE-WAN card connects to the core.

Pls help.


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