RV: [c-nsp] new tac service request tool

Carles Carles at minbari.org
Wed Feb 15 04:58:44 EST 2006

I'd also like to see an improved contract search tool ... we will have to wait
for another tool release to get access to all of our contracts generated under
the Shared Support Program. 

And, John, have you had any answer when you used the "Feedback" link? ... I am
not sure if anybody is reading our suggestions (at least, not mine ;-)


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>Someone inside Cisco is *really* trying to make the web interface as
>unusable as possibly, I think - MSIE has long stopped being the
>in web browsers, even our Windows users prefer Firefox these days (at
>the tech people).
>If there is someone on the list that could forward my strong
>about their "improved usability" to the Web design folks, I'd

I'd also like to point out that there is a "Contacts & Feedback" link
at the very top of the page on CCO. You should be able to use that to
express your displeasure. I just did.


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