[c-nsp] Dual-homing without BGP

Vincent De Keyzer vincent at dekeyzer.net
Thu Feb 16 10:22:24 EST 2006

> You can make a kludge such that it will exhibit these
> behaviors, but it is harder than just ponying up a few
> extra bucks for a real solution.  PBR and the other
> klduge-based approaches will "work" but may experience
> not-so-well documented conditions.

What would you call "a real solution"?

> Besides, what do you mean by "to limit investment"?  A
> 1604 runs BGP and can be had on ebay for a few hundred
> dollars.  What exactly works at the speeds you're
> describing that doesn't run BGP, and is cheaper than
> gear which does?

They have a 2600 which probably does not have enough memory to swallow 2
full BGP tables - but actually you are right, it does not - it just needs to
advertise the /23 and filter out all incoming routes (since they don't need
those, because they want to route based on source IP).

So it boils down to : will it work with PBR, and if not: what would be
another solution?


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