[c-nsp] Dual-homing without BGP

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Thu Feb 16 10:59:13 EST 2006

Vincent De Keyzer wrote:

> *         They are doing serious things like e-commerce on the Internet
> connection they have with provider T (like 'trusted'). It's a 2M line.
> *         They have a /23 which is announced as such on the global BGP
> network by provider T (although it's part of one of T's /16s)
> *         They are considering to buy a second Internet link at 25 Mbps from
> provider N (like 'new'), on which they plan to do less serious things like
> video streaming.

Unless their /23 is portable space, you're first going to have to take this up with T and N.  If instead it is within T's allocation, you're going to have issues [to say the least] getting the /23 ripped out of T's ASN.


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