[c-nsp] pix upgrade to 7.x from 6.34

Adam Maloney adam at whee.org
Fri Feb 17 08:32:32 EST 2006

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, nevot wrote:

> In the other way, I just recently (half an hour ago) downgraded a pair of
> PIX515E because our VPNs were sistematically dropped every hour, making the
> vpns unusable. Though I will wait our provider's response, I think version 7
> is not still ready for use, at least not in a IPSEC VPN scenario.

I ran 7.0(2) for the last few months, then upgraded to 7.0(4) because of a 
AAA session-limit bug.  But other than that, no problems with remote users 
staying connected:

Duration     : 2d 0h:59m:30s
Duration     : 3d 1h:23m:09s
Duration     : 1d 0h:28m:07s
Duration     : 7d 23h:52m:18s
Duration     : 3d 18h:52m:35s
Duration     : 1d 0h:01m:23s
Duration     : 1d 23h:08m:59s
Duration     : 10d 18h:59m:38s
Duration     : 8d 21h:25m:26s
Duration     : 1d 20h:52m:17s

(Some of the day+ connections)

I've been on 7.0(4) for:
up 12 days 17 hours

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