[c-nsp] Choosing a radius package

Tassos Chatzithomaoglou achatz at forthnet.gr
Mon Feb 20 15:25:52 EST 2006

How about radiator ?

Adam Maloney wrote on 20/2/2006 8:40 μμ:
> I need to implement radius for the following:
> Cisco Aironet wireless (pairs of 350's)
> PIX VPN clients
> Cisco dial-in users
> Nortel Contivity VPN clients
> These need to authenticate to (ugh) Active Directory.
> Unless I hear strong arguments otherwise, I've boiled it down to either 
> FreeRADIUS or Funk's Steel-Belted radius.  It appears either will do the 
> above.
> My concern with SBR is on integrating it with custom tools and modules. 
> I'll be forced to use either the Windows version or the appliance, 
> (Solaris and Linux are not options for this app) and in both cases that 
> will hinder my ability to manage/customize it.  I'm mostly thinking in 
> terms of, 6 months down the road we want to do something that SBR can't 
> do, and there's no way to customize it.
> I'd be running Freeradius under FreeBSD.
> My only concerns with Freeradius are AD integration and support.  AD 
> integration supposedly works, but it looks kind of kludgy.  3rd-party 
> support exists, but at least one of the companies I contacted didn't 
> return my e-mail.  If I can get a definite "We're using it against AD with 
> <some ungodly number> auths/second and it works great", I don't think 
> 3rd-party support will be an issue.  Other than the AD stuff, I'm 
> confident I can support it myself.
> Opinions are greatly appreciated.
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