[c-nsp] 7200 GRE tunnel CPU load

Piotr Marecki peter at mareccy.org
Mon Feb 20 16:53:49 EST 2006

>I have a few 7200's out there in the field running GRE tunnels between
> one another with the destinations set to the external (Public) interface
> IP.  In the world of the 7600/6500-sup720 when you build GRE tunnels you
> should assign an unique IP to a loopback for each end of the tunnel in
> order to have the packets hardware switched.  From what I knew the 7200
> cannot hardware switch packets over a GRE tunnel but I figured I would
> write to ask before I put the effort into trying. I thank you all for
> the your help in advance.. //db

Actually , if we are talking about ASIC/NPU packet switching here ,
 7200 can't do hardware switch for single bit whatsoever, no matter which 
are enabled. Therefore don't worry about your GRE packets :>

Piotr Marecki

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