[c-nsp] MPLS routing question

Garry Glendown gkg at gmx.de
Wed Feb 22 12:56:59 EST 2006

Scott Ingram wrote:
> I'm going through an MPLS migration  have a remote and data hub site
> that is UP/UP in the MPLS cloud and BGP EIGRP routes are active on all
> applicable subnets.  I can route all internal WAN traffic without any
> issues However, when I try to connect to an Internet web site the
> traffic stops at the sites next hop in the MPLS cloud.  I think this is
> an issue with the service provider because I can clearly see all my
> routing internal sites and I have established the wildcard default route
> to the next hop.  Any Ideas

Are you sure your routing "stops"? My guess: you've not extended your
MTU settings on the router and switch interfaces on the way ... make
sure alle MPLS-enabled interfaces have something like "mtu 1520" and
"mpls mtu 1520" ... on the switches, please note that newer Cisco
switches require the MTU to be set system wide ("system mtu 1520",
requires reboot) ...


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