[c-nsp] Tunnel ids and MRTG..

Mark Tohill Mark at u.tv
Thu Feb 23 07:25:46 EST 2006



Does anyone know if it is possible to dictate VPDN L2TP tunnel id's?


router01#sh vpdn tunnel state

%No active L2F tunnels

L2TP Tunnel Information Total tunnels 3 sessions 1660


LocID RemID Local Name    Remote Name   State  Last-Chg

42777 35217 router01    adsl.inter est    9w5d

50780 28600 router01    adsl.inter est    5w5d

44385 8538  router01    adsl.inter est    5d22h


When tunnel drops, MRTG stops graphing...


Have used 'snmp ifindex persist' for physical interfaces to prevent loss
of monitoring, but that doesn't deal with tunnels.


Any ideas appreciated.




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