[c-nsp] load balancing over multiple SDSL links

Resad Rovcanin resad at epn.ba
Thu Feb 23 17:39:11 EST 2006

Hi all,

- I have 2811 connected through Ethernet VLAN trunk to the DSLAM that concentrates about 20 SDSL users.
- My main site is located on the user side of the DSLAM and SDSL is the only way I can connect it to the concentration router.
- On the main site I have Catalyst 3550 (same MAC address on all ports) Cisco 2811, and two SDSL modems.
- DSLAM does not allow broadcasts coming from the network going to DSL.
- DSLAM does not allow same MAC address at multiple DSL users (it only forwards frames to first user)
- SDSL modems can operate in bridging or rutting mode.
- So far I have successfully terminated two links using EIGRP
- These two links are constantly congested so we must get third SDSL link...

Any ideas how can I load balance over these three links?

All this is happening while we are waiting for fibre... :)



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