[c-nsp] Bad Flash?

Larry Smith lesmith at ecsis.net
Thu Feb 23 22:05:04 EST 2006

On Thursday 23 February 2006 19:15, David Coulson wrote:
> I moved a working 16mb linear flash card from an old 3640 into a 7206 w/
>   IO-FE today, and it flat out refused to do anything with it. I can't
> even format it. I know that a card which is formated for a 3600 won't be
> read on a 7200, but why can't I even reformat it on the 7200?
> 16384K bytes of Flash PCMCIA card at slot 0 (Sector size 128K).
> 125824K bytes of ATA PCMCIA card at slot 1 (Sector size 512 bytes).
> 4096K bytes of Flash internal SIMM (Sector size 256K).
> Configuration register is 0x102
> core-ar2#show slot0:
> Open device slot0 failed (Bad device info block)
> core-ar2#format slot0
> Format operation may take a while. Continue? [confirm]
> Format operation will destroy all data in "slot0:".  Continue? [confirm]
> Enter volume ID (up to 64 chars)[default slot0]:
> %Error formatting slot0 (Bad sector not allowed in region)

That last sentence looks "ominous" (bad sector)
Suggestion would be to put it back in the 3600 and see if it formats correctly 
or if it in fact has a "bad" spot.  Most drives, flash or otherwise, cannot 
have bad spots in the first X sectors (where the superblock or whatever 

Larry Smith
sysad at ecsis.net

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