[c-nsp] BGP between customers sharing same provider AS core

Price, Kris Kris.Price at nz.unisys.com
Sun Feb 26 18:18:09 EST 2006

Soo... it doesn't matter that they use the same provider, depending on
the details they should probably have different AS numbers... But
essentially if the problem is you have two customers using the same AS
number and you want to peer them via eBGP, take a look at:

  neighbor A.B.C.D local-as 65535 

It will cause the process to pretend to be a different AS when peering
with the remote side... and:

  neighbor A.B.C.D allowas-in 2

Will cause it not to reject routes that have your AS number in the path,
the number 2 says how many times it is allowed to show up in it.

Does this help?

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> Ivan Walker wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is is possible to interconnect company A and company B via BGP when
> > both use a MPLS core from the same provider.  IE the interconnection
> > not via the providers MPLS core but a private link and both
customers A
> > and B see the MPLS core as the same AS.
> Why use BGP when you can use OSPF (or some other IGP)???
> -gg
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