[c-nsp] Different ISPs with load balance

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Some other points to consider assuming you managed to have your own AS

- Does your provider accepts receiving advertisements less than /24 or
Most of the providers will not accept receiving less than /24 to reduce
BGP table size. 
- Are your providers truly independent from each other or not? That's to
say whether each of the providers is not using the other as his

Assuming your providers are independent from each other, and that they
will allow accepting advertisements from you less than /24. You can
divide your /24 into two /25 segments; advertise one of the /25 to
provider A and the remaining /25 to the provider B. Advertise /24 also
to both providers such that you have a redundant path for the /25

If your providers are not accepting routes less that /24 and that one of
them is dependant on the other then you won't be able achieving much in
this case.


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2006/2/26, Eman Abu Al Wafa <ewafa at batelco.jo>:
> /24 is my own subnet from RIPE not from any of my provider.

Are you an LIR or is it a PI assignment?  If you are an LIR, you can
apply for an ASN from the LIR portal at RIPE's website, or via e-mail
to hostmaster at ripe.net.

If you are not an LIR, you will have to ask one of your upstreams to
request an ASN on your behalf (assuming said provider is an LIR). 
This should be easy to do.

Regarding the technical side of actually setting up the load balancing
/ redundancy on the links, it's probably best for you to announce the
address space yourself, just about any router nowadays can handle BGP.
 You will have to get a more expensive router if you want a full
routing table, though, so if your router can't handle that, your
providers should be able to send you a subset, eg. their own routes +
customer routes and a default route.


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