[c-nsp] NHRP and DMVPN problems

Jason Koh kohtohshyr at pacific.net.sg
Sun Oct 8 22:05:59 EDT 2006

Hi Pablo

The problem with this train is that the specific feature set that this particular IOS has complements the type of service we are running. 

We are now trying c7200-jk9s-mz.124-8a.bin. Let's hope it works and I will update you guys.


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  You may need to move off this IOS train. Look under IP Routing Protocols - there are some NHRP related items.


  My only experience with PC bus error loops were hardware related. These were resolved thru sequenced removal of modules and memory while reloading the router each time. 

  Hope that helps


  On 10/5/06, Jason Koh <kohtohshyr at pacific.net.sg> wrote: 
    Hi all

    Wonder if any of you uses nhrp tunnels in your 7206s.

    A sample of the config 

    interface Tunnel1
    bandwidth 1000
    ip address
    no ip redirects
    ip mtu 1514
    ip nhrp authentication dmvpn1 
    ip nhrp map multicast dynamic
    ip nhrp network-id 1
    ip nhrp holdtime 300
    no ip mroute-cache
    tunnel source Loopback1
    tunnel mode gre multipoint
    tunnel key 1
    tunnel protection ipsec profile dmvpnprof1 

    crypto ipsec profile dmvpnprof1
    set security-association lifetime seconds 120
    set transform-set dmvpnset1

    crypto ipsec transform-set dmvpnset1 ah-sha-hmac

    Currently I am running IOS 12.3(14)T5, c7200-jk9s-mz.123-14.T5.bin. This router keeps rebooting occasionally with software crashes.

    System returned to ROM by error - a Software forced crash, PC 0x60801E58 at 08:03:12 SGT Fri Oct 6 2006
    System restarted at 08:08:57 SGT Fri Oct 6 2006 

    Wonder anyone out there encountered such a problem and would appreciate if you can share your findings as well.


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