[c-nsp] ISG and HTTP redirection

Aleksey V Fedorov alexf at vsi.ru
Wed Oct 11 08:20:00 EDT 2006

I just say that ISG L4redirect feature is not scalable on 10K now.
500 sessions was test configuration for L4redirect testing.
For "Permanent" I meant that redirection is always turned on for session,
for example by applying 
Cisco-AVPair = "ip:l4redirect=redirect list NNN to ip xx.xx.xx.xx"
to user profile.

> That 500 number seems quite stange, since 10k is the "strongest" of the 3 
> platfroms ISG is supported.
> We're using 10k for L2TP termination and we know that when traffic is punted 
> to the RP, 10k gets on its knees.
> But according to 
> http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6588/prod_bulletin0900aecd804a2c70.html 
> :
> "High-performance design scales to 32,000 sessions with the Performance 
> Routing Engine 2 (PRE-2) and up to 40,000 sessions with PRE-3 on the Cisco 
> 10000 Series. The Cisco 7200 Series and Cisco 7301 scale from 4000 to 8000 
> sessions. Performance can vary depending on the configuration."
> I find it very difficult to believe that the "Performance can vary depending 
> on the configuration" could mean "if you use L4 redirect on the 10k, you get 
> only 500 sessions".
> Of course i could be wrong, but since we're already evaluating ISG (on a 7200 
> now, on a 10k later) and L4 redirect is a needed feature, i wish i'm not ;)
> PS: I just show the "Permanent" word you used, so i guess this is probably 
> what makes it a problem...

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