[c-nsp] comparison 7301 and 7204-G1

Elmar K. Bins elmi at 4ever.de
Thu Oct 12 05:12:39 EDT 2006

Mi Michael,

mie_shell at yahoo.com (Michel Lautenslager) wrote:

> A 7204-NPG1 is very capable in doing the job. The 7200
> platform is robust, reliable and high quality. Has
> also got 2 power supplies and all resources needed.

The 2 power supplies and further extensibility (more
slots for interfaces) are the advantages of the 7204.

> A 7301 consumes less power and is only 1U height in
> the  cabinet. And delivers enough interfaces. The
> pricelist states that two powersupplies are possible
> though I don't see where to put them. But mainly I
> never used a 7301 before and don't know what the
> quality is of a 7301. 

Apart from the chassis quality (screws for 19" hooks never
fit in Ciscos 1RU boxes, _never_, they should really learn
from competitors there) - no problems for all of our 7301s
out in the field, the first ones bought right off the shelf
as soon as they came out.



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