[c-nsp] Getting ARP table from SNMP

Sam Stickland sam_mailinglists at spacething.org
Wed Oct 18 08:51:40 EDT 2006

Bill Nash wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Oct 2006, Sam Stickland wrote:
>> I'm surprised at how many people are writing their own scripts to do this -
>> isn't one of the three virtues of a programmer meant to be Laziness? (see Lary
>> Wall).
>> Netdisco does a superb job of walking all the MAC/CAM and ARP tables (for,
>> example IP address to switch port resolution), storing it all in a database,
>> providing a nice web front-end to it and much more - all via SNMP and CDP
>> discovery. I've personally found it very useful to be able to ask questions
>> like, "show me all the ports with multiple MAC addresses but no CDP entry", or
>> "show me all ports with a CDP neighbor entry that can't be SNMP walked". It's
>> amazing how many weird or forgotten bits of network you can discover.
>> http://netdisco.org/
>> (From my own laziness perspective it's better for me to have more people using
>> and contributing to it ;) )
> I've played with it before, but to be fair, my code predates yours by 
> about three years, and that was a revision on code I'd written before I 
> left GBLX. =) When I ran across netdisco (last year), I already had code 
> in play for both IOS and PowerConnect switches, both of which are floating 
> around in my network.
> In this case, laziness did, in fact, win out, because I wasn't going to 
> replace all my toys with something else, especially since my network 
> inventory is a bit deeper than what netdisco provides. =)
Fair enough :) Btw, I didn't mean to give the impression Netdisco was my 
project, I'm just a happy user and part-time contributor.


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