[c-nsp] shaping: which platform to choose and where to place

Peter Salanki peter.salanki at bahnhof.net
Thu Oct 4 04:27:49 EDT 2007

I want to throw in Procera Networks PacketLogic to the DPI  
alternatives aswell, this is really a box to concider :)

Simply rate-limiting the users can most probably still be done in the  
Linux up to atleast 200megs.

3 okt 2007 kl. 18.15 skrev Mark Pace Balzan:

> Hi,
>> Are there another platforms (Cisco and other
>> vendors) which
>> could shape such amount of customers on 100 Mbit/s and higher speeds?
> The C7200 as you mention would do shaping for you.
> Shaping, BGP, and NAT on a NPE-G1 with 200Mbps traffic in my  
> experience
> is pushing the performace of the box a little more that I would be
> comfortable with.  Havent played with the G2 so far.
> You can also have a look at dedicated DPI boxes.
> Cisco does the SCE (previously pcube), and there are many others:
> packeteer, allot, sandvine
> These may be nice as they are L2 bridges that don't require drastic
> topology changes.
> However I believe it works our more expensive that a c7200
>> In case of cisco I am thinking about 7200 router. Can anybody
>> tell what
>> number of shapers/policers are supported on 2811 and 7200 and
>> how well could
>> 7200 perform shaping of such amount of customers on that speed in  
>> real
>> environment?
> With those features enabled (bgp,qos,nat) you'll reach the CPU limit
> before you reach any policer limits.
> Cheers
> Mark
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