[c-nsp] Cisco's MVPN solution with or without MDT SAFI

Oliver, Rod ROliver at upcbroadband.com
Mon Oct 22 05:17:04 EDT 2007

Hi All,

I'm working on a project with which requires a deployment of MVPNs. We
are struggling with whether or not we need to upgrade the PE and route
reflectors in order to support the MDT SAFI.

In the lab we can make things work both with and without the MDT SAFI.
As far as I can understand the reasoning for moving to a deployment of
MVPN with the MDT SAFI was that the pre-MDT SAFI use of extended
communities was non-standard and could clash with the use of 4-byte AS
in VPNv4 routes, and that it would also preclude inter-AS MVPNs. This is
based on a reading of

We have no requirement for inter-AS MVPNs and there will be no 4-byte
ASNs associated with routes in the MVPNs deployed. Does this mean that
we would be safe in the deployment of extended communities-based

Best regards

Rod Oliver

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