[c-nsp] c3560 L3 throughput with BGP

Adrian Minta adrian.minta at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 11:11:52 EDT 2007

Primoz Jeroncic wrote:
> Hi guys
> We have to change c7206 NPE300 with something faster. We are limited to
> 3HU box, so one option would be Cat3560 or 3750. I can't test this
> myself, unless I just put box into production and hope for the best, so
> I would appreciate any comment from people who use those two boxes in
> similar situation. Few requirements which these boxes need to support
> are following.
> 1. Handling approximately 500Mbps each way (about 1Gbp total throughput)
> 2. Handling BGP peerings with up to 20 peers with total of 200-300 prefixes
> 3. Complete BGP support (communities, filtering etc.)
> 4. Of course boxes are basically acting as router, so both ports are
> separate L3 ports.
> That's about it.
> So is anyone running c3560 or c3750 in similar conditions? If so, how
> do they behave? My main concern is high cpu load with such amount of
> traffic.
> Thanks for help.
> Have nice rest of day,
> Primoz Jeroncic
> Support - IP Connectivity & Routing
C3560 and c3750 are both switches witch means line rate speeds as long 
as your number of routes is smaller than TCAM size. One prefix more and 
everything goes kaboom.
I suggest to take a look at Cisco 7201 router.

Best regards,
Adrian Minta

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