[c-nsp] hardware load balancer?

Dean Smith dean at eatworms.org.uk
Thu Sep 6 14:29:42 EDT 2007

If its only 5-20Mb/s consider IOS SLB - especially if you have spare 7200s
available. (I know not everyone has "spare" kit but you never know)

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We're looking to serve up some live flash media streams in a highly
available way, by deploying a couple of flash media servers behind a
hardware load balancer. 

We do have a Cisco LocalDirector 416 acting as a boat anchor. We'll need to
support anywhere from 5-20 Mbps in the short term through the device.

Not sure if we should try using the LocalDirector or look at another Cisco
option, or just try a Foundry or F5 solution. 

Thanks for any feedback,
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