[c-nsp] Netflow for 6500?

David J. Hughes David at Hughes.com.au
Tue Dec 9 00:22:32 EST 2008

My understanding is that netflow export has been available since Sup1  

However, if you are coming from a "router" platform you are in for a  
few surprises.  If you want to do per-interface netflow (i.e. specify  
the L3 interfaces you want to get data for) then you need to be  
running SXH.  There are several CCO documents that either hint or  
state that it supports per-interface on any SX code but that's not the  
case.  A recent TAC case has had some of those documents removed from  
Cisco's web site.

And running SXH sounds like a barrel of laughs from all reports.  We  
have netflow export configured on Sup720 / SXF boxes and doing a lot  
of post-processing to get rid of the data we don't want.


On 01/12/2008, at 5:36 AM, jonas at bjorklund.cn wrote:

> Hello,
> Which supervisors has support for Netflow on the 6500 series?
> SUP2?
> SUP32?
> SUP720?
> /Jonas
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