[c-nsp] IOS IPv6 CEF adjacencies on 12xxx

David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Wed Dec 10 05:47:01 EST 2008

>     should be FE80::C316:9EE if this was a paste-o, ignore this mail

Yes, sorry, I was typing this afresh and not pasting :)

>since rb doesn't point to FE80::C316:9EE there's no adjacency to be
>does 'sh ipv6 cef unresolved' show anything?

Nope, no unresolved entries

>i'm hitting the limits of my knowledge.

> So, it looks like the lack of adjacency is the cause, 
> before I go open a TAC case (and get told to clear dCEF tables/
> reboot linecards) , is there anything non-invasive I could try to debug/resolve this?

>how are RA,RB getting routes for 2001:DB8:A::1 and 2001:DB8:B::1?
>if dynamically, try static. if static, try a routing protocol. just to
>mix things up. :)

Dynamically, via eBGP

>a pair of cisco 7301s, albeit running GRE and not ip6ip (sorry

Yes thanks, mine looks like this, except when you ask the linecards, which makes
me think this is something specific to the platform.


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