[c-nsp] IOS IPv6 CEF adjacencies on 12xxx

David Freedman david.freedman at uk.clara.net
Thu Dec 11 04:16:40 EST 2008

Ok, thanks to all those that replied, nobody I spoke to was able to
explain this and the best I was told was to clear the dCEF on the
ingress linecards in question which fixed the problem.

Since I don't have the luxury of a consistency checker in 12.0(S) I
guess I will just have to live with this...


David Freedman wrote:
>>     should be FE80::C316:9EE if this was a paste-o, ignore this mail
> Yes, sorry, I was typing this afresh and not pasting :)
>> guess:
>> since rb doesn't point to FE80::C316:9EE there's no adjacency to be
>> incomplete.
>> does 'sh ipv6 cef unresolved' show anything?
> Nope, no unresolved entries
>> i'm hitting the limits of my knowledge.
>> So, it looks like the lack of adjacency is the cause, 
>> before I go open a TAC case (and get told to clear dCEF tables/
>> reboot linecards) , is there anything non-invasive I could try to debug/resolve this?
>> how are RA,RB getting routes for 2001:DB8:A::1 and 2001:DB8:B::1?
>> if dynamically, try static. if static, try a routing protocol. just to
>> mix things up. :)
> Dynamically, via eBGP
>> a pair of cisco 7301s, albeit running GRE and not ip6ip (sorry
> Yes thanks, mine looks like this, except when you ask the linecards, which makes
> me think this is something specific to the platform.
> Dave.
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