[c-nsp] DS3 mux issues

Justin Shore justin at justinshore.com
Wed Dec 10 11:40:09 EST 2008

David Coulson wrote:

> Channel-groups are defined on a per-T1 basis. You can create them all 
> 'channel-group 0', which is what most people do. If you want frac-T1s, 
> you can do channel-group 0, channel-group 1, within one T1, then go back 
> to channel-group 0 with the next T1.

Ok, that's what I was thinking.  I don't know if we'll need to do any 
fractional T1s at this point.  The majority of our offering will be LRE 
and we'll be using bonded T1s where we can offer LRE yet so I'd expect 
multiple bonded T1s per customer and no fractional T1s.

> Once you have 12 cT3s on a 7206, you'll probably have different issues, 
> but all ports can independently clock from different sources, or 
> generate clocking for you. I can't imagine it makes much difference if 
> the router or mux does it, although since you have someone else managing 
> the mux, making it do as little as possible may be a good thing :)

If we start to strain the 7206 I imagine it will be replaced with an ASR 
or we'll pick up another 7206.  If the product offering is well-received 
and we move into newer, more dense areas we may start with a 7600 right 
out of the gate.  Not now though.

We will be managing this mux in the end.  One of our telco's CO techs 
set it up for us since they also use Wide Banks.  I predict that this 
will be the last Wide Bank we buy.  This thing is fugly.  I imagine 
we'll get an Adtran or something else a little more modern next time.

> What does the mux show as the status of this channel (the individual 
> DS-1, or 'port').

-  1
     ds1 1   circuitid "DS1 1"
     ds1 1      enable
     ds1 1   equipment off
     ds1 1      length dsx0
     ds1 1        line off
     ds1 1    linecode b8zs
     ds1 1  loopdetect off
     ds1 1    metallic off
     ds1 1        send off
     Performance Thresholds:         15 min.      1 hour       1 day
                                    --------    --------    --------
     coding violations - line:         13340       40020      133400
     errored seconds - line:              65         195         648

I've got the CO tech coming back to help me troubleshoot it this 
afternoon.  With his TBird we should be able to see what's going on. 
Any other thoughts?  I'm not sure how I test the DS1 from the 7206 
through to the mux.


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