[c-nsp] IP SLA logging....

Mark Tohill Mark at u.tv
Mon Dec 15 05:50:09 EST 2008


Does anyone know how I can generate as syslog message (either locally or
sent to a syslog server) as opposed to a trap?

I have the following configuration, running 124-16a Enterprise Base on
3725 router.

logging buffered 16384 debugging
ip sla monitor logging traps
ip sla monitor 2
type jitter dest-ipaddr WWW.XXX.YYY.ZZZ dest-port 5000 num-packets 20
interval 10
 request-data-size 160
ip sla monitor reaction-configuration 2 react packetLossSD
threshold-type immediate action-type trapOnly
logging trap debugging


Mark Tohill
UTV Internet
T:+44 (0)28 90 262196
M:+44 (0)7786 278716
E:mark at u.tv

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