[c-nsp] to tweek SPD or not to tweek SPD

lee.e.rian at census.gov lee.e.rian at census.gov
Wed Dec 17 13:22:22 EST 2008

"Jose Conceicao" <conceicao.jose at gmail.com> wrote on 12/11/2008 06:14:02 

> Hi
> Under what conditions would it be deemed wise to tweek SPD or disable it
> altogether?

Since noboby else seems to want to touch this..  I wouldn't disable SPD 
since it allows extra input buffering for things like routing packets that 
you really don't want to be dropped (eg. eigrp).

As far as I know, you only need to tweak SPD on things like 6500s that 
don't automagically adjust the thresholds for you.  In my tests, 
increasing the input queue size on all interfaces on a real router (eg. 
7200) automatically changed the SPD thresholds.  Changing the input queue 
size on all interfaces on a 6500 didn't change a thing w/ SPD - I had to 
manually set the thresholds.


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