[c-nsp] BW allocation

ambedkar p_ambedkar at rediffmail.com
Tue Dec 23 04:30:20 EST 2008

i am using vsat link of 256kbps, two channels of 100kbps and 156 kbps 
each. i am using cisco 3845 router. here i want to restrict the second 
channel to 156 kbps.

I have an idea about class-map,policy map and service policy.

i tested with the class-map. have a look at it.

class-map match-all TEST
match input-interface gig 0/0.11 (sub-interface which is of 156kbps)

but the problem is it is taking as a global interface i.e., gig0/0 
instead of sub-interface i.e., gig0/0.11.

And also want to know in policy map, what is the difference between 
bandwidth and police.

thanks in advance.

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