[c-nsp] 6500 and VSS

Tony Varriale tvarriale at comcast.net
Thu Dec 25 23:26:41 EST 2008

Any service mods?  Or just straight GE and/or TE?

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SXH3a/4 spurious interrupts raised on the following events:

Archive feature triggered on the write mem
L3 port-channel bundle member interface addition with the IP address
still configured on the member interface (symptoms include: freeze up
for 30 seconds, spurious interrupts with the path to pagp module).

SXI is free of these defects and overall appears to be running great.

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On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 10:33 AM, Tony Varriale <tvarriale at comcast.net>
> Would you mind sharing which "features" you are bouncing off of?
> We have a couple of implementations and they are going well.
> No SXI yet w/ other blades....SXH with basic stuff appears to work ok
> especially for a rev 1 feature.

SXH2 has some critical NetFlow bugs. Cisco said disable "ip flow
ingress" on all interfaces as a work-around. Unfortunately we have
experienced other crashes too, without identifying root-cause.

At this point we have completed the migration to SXI, so I'm trying to
forget all about SXH.

(I should probably mention this is modular IOS.)

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