[c-nsp] Top 10 Network Engineering Tools

Jason Lewis jlewis at packetnexus.com
Tue Jan 29 10:49:42 EST 2008

I laugh whenever I see RANCID mentioned.  I implemented RANCID at a 
previous job to just save configs and it had a funny effect of making 
all the support staff more aware of changes they were making, because 
everyone would get notified of the change.  I was recently looking at 
installing RANCID again and read a familiar testimonial on shrubbery.net. 

Some folks seem to like "testimonials", so here's my favorite one:

/...I have noticed a behaviour change since implementing RANCID. The 
entire NOC team gets an email when a config change is made. The result 
is everyone is cautious about making changes on the fly, and any changes 
that are made are quickly explained by the changer. Before, changes 
would be made and if it broke something.....silence. So, at the very 
least we have fewer **problems** that magically appear.
-- Jason Lewis/


Justin Shore wrote:
> I 2nd RANCID.  A properly configured RANCID install is indispensable.

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