[c-nsp] MPLS - 6500's

Phil Bedard philxor at gmail.com
Mon May 5 16:54:34 EDT 2008

What exactly are you trying to do with MPLS?  PFC3 will support most  
things without additional modules (OSM,SIP) with the most notable  
exception being local switching.   You can get around that by looping  
in and out of the box if you need to.  No VPLS as well, but I'm not  
too keen on running VPLS anyways. :)  There are some restrictions with  
regards to when MPLS packets are recirculated that you may want to  
look into.


On May 5, 2008, at 4:06 PM, Paul Stewart wrote:

> This is a topic that has come up on the mailing list several times  
> including
> from myself..;)
> Hopefully a simple question (been reading the archives for a couple  
> of hours
> now).
> With a 6500 Catalyst, regular line cards, and Sup720-3BXL - what can  
> you NOT
> do with MPLS on these chassis?  Is it "just" VPLS that requires an  
> OSM card
> or a FlexWAN card for example?
> We are working on a project where MPLS may come into play .. VPLS  
> would be a
> nice option to throw in but not 100% necessary.  Today, these are  
> 6500's
> with Sup2/MSFC2 which I'm told are pretty much useless for anything  
> oriented....
> Thanks,
> Paul
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