[c-nsp] 65xx QOS question

Brandon Bennett bennetb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 11:22:08 EDT 2008

> I have a 6708 8 port 10 Gig module which has a transmit queue structure
> of 1p7q4t. By default, the transmit queue mapping are done by cos values
> on these modules and in most modules/switches. I was contemplating
> changing the queuing mode to dscp because it provides more granularity.

There should be no risk to moving to dscp queuing mode.  Just be
mindful of what to do with unknown DSCP values you may forget to
assign to a queue.

> Does anyone know of any potential issues with this strategy.?

Currently only the 6708, 6716, and the VS-S720 10G ports support dscp
queing and I imagine that it is CoS by default to match the rest of
the blades available in the 6500.


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