[c-nsp] 7206VXR and CBWFQ

Church, Charles cchurc05 at harris.com
Fri Oct 17 12:19:03 EDT 2008

I believe the priority queuing can only be applied to a main interface,
not a subint.  Create a second policy, and do the priority queuing on
that one, and apply that to the main int.  The VOIP class/policy can
remain on the subint.  I'm not totally sure about ATM, but that's how
I've seen it work on Ethernet.


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 Whenever I try to apply the following I get an error message about how
CBWFQ can't be applied to subinterfaces.  What is the correct way to do


class-map match-any VOIP
  match ip dscp ef 
  match  precedence 5
 class-map match-all CRITICAL
  match access-group 100

 policy-map MyCBWFQ
  class CRITICAL
   priority 48
  class VOIP
   bandwidth 320
   set precedence 6

vc-class atm MyClass
  ubr 1536
  encapsulation aal5mux ppp Virtual-Template5

interface Virtual-Template5
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 service-policy output MyCBWFQ
 peer default ip address pool default
 ppp authentication pap callin

interface ATM2/0.1921 point-to-point
 pvc 1/1921 
  class-vc MyClass

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