[c-nsp] setting source address for icmp messages

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Mon Feb 9 07:15:47 EST 2009

Joe Maimon <mailto:jmaimon at ttec.com> wrote on Monday, February 09, 2009

> Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) wrote:
>> Mike <> wrote on Monday, February 09, 2009 00:28:
>>> No.
>>> I am trying to ensure that if the router ever emits icmp messages
>>> like 'destination host unreachable', 'icmp frag needed' and the
>>> like, that I'm using a public routed ip and not some random flavor
>>> of the week ip related to whatever interface the router thinks is
>>> closer to the problem.
>> I don't think this can be done..
>> 	oli
> Of course it can be done, its just really inelegant and requires nat,
> which is problematic for many.

Sorry, you are right of course, I was referring to a config knob instead
of ugly/complicated NAT/PBR/etc. hacks..

> It sure would be nice were it to be a nice feature such as
> control-plane nat or an interface level command such as
> ip icmp source-interface loopback10

that would be a nice way of doing this, a global knob sounds too scary
to me..


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