[c-nsp] Input error from Cisco Switch and Juniper Router

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Thu Jan 15 23:35:08 EST 2009

On Friday 16 January 2009 12:16:59 pm Kelvin Goei wrote:

> Juniper Side
> ============
> input errors:
> Errors: 918618, Drops: 0, Framing errors: 0, Runts: 0,
> Policed discards: 7345203, L3 incompletes: 918618,
> L2 channel errors: 0, L2 mismatch timeouts: 0, FIFO
> errors: 0, Resource errors: 0

From the Juniper side, 'L3 incompletes' and 'Policed 
discards' indicates some protocol running on the Cisco side 
which is not enabled or supported on the Juniper side.

As a start, make sure you don't have CDP enabled on the 
Cisco port.


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