[c-nsp] 3750 running jumbo frames ?

Jeff Fitzwater jfitz at Princeton.EDU
Thu Jun 11 10:14:11 EDT 2009

	I forgot to mention that the hosts that will be using jumbo frames,  
will be on a separate VLAN between the two switches.  The concern was  
since the jumbo frame was a global change (all gig ports on 3750), how  
would it impact the other vlan that only has 1500 MTU hosts on.   I  
would assume there isn't any impact for hosts with a 1500 MTU, its  
just that the switch can now pass 9k frames if present.   The switch  
management was the other key issue.



On Jun 11, 2009, at 9:44 AM, Jeff Fitzwater wrote:

> We have the need to run two 3750 switches with jumbo frames (9000),  
> for a high performance data transfer application.  Both switches  
> will be manages by connections to a NON-JUMBO frame environment.    
> (That is, if this will work)
> If I enable jumbo frames (which is a global change) and leave the  
> management interface MTU at 1500 so the switch will use 1500 as  
> packet size for all management, is there any NEGATIVE ISSUES I  
> should be aware because of them being connected to the non-jumbo  
> environment?
> Thanks for any help,
> Jeff Fitzwater
> OIT Network Systems
> Princeton University
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