[c-nsp] Two events in EEM

Rishi Kochar irsk.inc at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 00:57:23 EDT 2009

i work for cisco in UC technology.
i am very new to EEM. I dont deal with scripting at all but i have to create
one for one of my customers

I have created an event manager applet with an '
#event syslog pattern <pattern>.
Now after matching the pattern i want it wait for a countdown timer and the
execute certain cli commands.
what's the easiest way to do it ?
i think with EEM i cant make my first applet to call another applet which
has a countdown timer because with
#action 1.0 cli command "event manager run <2nd applet>"
in this 2nd applet should have "event none" if i need to call it manually
from 1st applet but thats not the case because 2nd applet will have a
countdown timer as its event.

any help on this would be highly appreciated

thanks and regards

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